Gouden Ducaat 1809 Lodewijk Napoleon

A SCARCE "Standing Knight" gold Ducat issued in Utrecht in 1809 when the Frenchman, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was the King of Holland. His brother, the French Emperor Napoleon, had placed him on the throne of the French Protectorate of the Netherlands in 1806. The Emperor decided by 1810 that he would annex this country to France, and the Netherlands remained a part of France until Napoleon was deposed in 1814. The coin is VERY FINE quality with some adjustment marks on the reverse which were made at the mint. "Adjustment marks" are commonplace during this period when the planchet would be made to heavy, for adjusting the weight for circulation.

Type munt Gouden Ducaat Omschrift voorzijde LODEW NAP KON VAN HOLL Muntconditie zeer fraai, justiceer sporen
Provincie Omschrift keerzijde EENDRACHT MAAKT MAGT Datum 14 maart 2004
Muntplaats Utrecht Voorzijde kop van Lodewijk Napoleon Verkoper ahold.ms-69
Jaartal 1809 Keerzijde staande ridder Bedrag GBP 185.00 (euro 282)
Vorst Lodewijk Napoleon Vindplaats Veiling ebay
Metaal goud Schatvondst
Oplage Literatuur referentie
Soortelijke massa
Lodewijk Napoleon Dukaat 1809, is gemonteerd geweest

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1809 Holland Louis Napoleon Gold Ducat
Condition: Uncirculated. KM-35

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