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In the additions to Bede's 'Ecclesiastical History' there is the comment: "In the year 740 . . . Ethelbald (Ęthelbald), king of the Mercians, cruelly and wrongfully wasted part of Northumbria, their king, Eadbert (Eadberht), with his army, being employed against the Picts." On Sunday 23rd April 741, Symeon of Durham ('Historia Regum') reports that: "The monastery of the city of York was burnt . . ." Presumably Eadberht's 'employment' against the Picts was cut short before any result worthy of record was achieved, however, he did make gains at the expense of the Strathclyde Britons - the additions to Bede record that, in 750 ". . . Eadbert added the plain of Kyle and other places to his dominions." Still in 750, it seems that there was a foiled rebellion on behalf of Offa, son of Aldfrith (685-704). Symeon of Durham, however, says Offa was "an innocent man", and that he sought sanctuary on Lindisfarne, but ". . . almost dead with hunger, he was dragged unarmed from the church." The Bishop of Lindisfarne was also taken captive. A few years later (756), saw the Northumbrians and the Picts united against the Britons of Strathclyde. Symeon of Durham says that Eadberht ". . . and Unust (Oengus), king of the Picts, led an army to the city of Alcwith (Alcluith - Dumbarton) ; and they received the Britons there into alliance on the first day of August." Symeon then, rather cryptically, adds "But on the tenth day of the same month, nearly the whole army perished, which he (Eadberht) led from Ouoma to Newanbirig; that is, to the New Town." In 758 (some sources say 757), Eadberht abdicated the throne to become a monk. His death is reported in 768.

Type munt sceat Omschrift voorzijde stylized stag Muntconditie zeer fraai
Omschrift keerzijde small cross in the center with the Latin legend, EADBERTUS. Datum 17 okt 2005
Voorzijde Verkoper aholds.ms-69
Keerzijde Bedrag GBP 350,00
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Vorst King Eadberht of the Kingdom of Northumbria (S.847). (737 and 758 A.D. )  Vindplaats Veiling ebay
Metaal zilver Schatvondst
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