zilveren sceat Aethiliraed 

Type munt sceat Omschrift voorzijde Muntconditie zeer fraai
Omschrift keerzijde Datum 22 maart 2005
Voorzijde stekelvarken Verkoper icenione
Keerzijde ae th i l i

r ae d

Bedrag GBP 400,00 (minimumverkoopprijs gehaald) 
(EUR 577,52) 
Vorst voorheen toegeschreven aan Aethelred of Mercia (674-704) 

Aethiliraed is echter waarschijnlijk de muntmeester

Vindplaats NORFOLK Veiling ebay
Metaal zilver Schatvondst
Oplage Literatuur referentie vd Velde p. 48

SPINK 2005, P 92,REF,780

Soortelijke massa
Aethelheard archbishop of canterbury with offa as overlord reported to fitzwilliam museum in cambridge and is on their data base, museum report will be included with the sale of this coin.This coin is 100% genuine and in a stable condition.the coin is slightly bent but could straightened by an expert. It does have a chip on the flan. Don't forget this is still an extremely rare coin, and is not listed in spinks. including this one there are only 13 of these coins known and recorded. Reads aethelheard archiepiscopus. Circa 793-796 AD canterbury mint.

GBP 1.070,00 (minimumverkoopprijs nog niet gehaald) (EUR 1.578,90) 31-jul-05, ebay, cap151

wpe1E.jpg (7384 bytes) This Ęthil-Ręd-sceat (see pictures 1) belongs to a very rare, but famous variety of the so-called porcupine sceattas. It is one of best sceattas of this type known that has been found. This extremely rare porcupine variety is characterised by the runic legend ĘTHILI-RĘD on the reverse.

ebay, GBP 1.500,00 (EUR 1.715,21), niet verkocht, aug. 2010, sceatta-rie