zilveren penny Beornwulf 823-82 

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This coin is the real thing, found by myself in Febuary whilst searching [Metal-detecting] on a field in my area. When i dug this up i knew it was not the usual short-cross or long-cross coin. The standard Spink coin book shows a similar coin [Spink 929] without any pellets around the cross-crosslet and a different moneyer,so i think that my find is a variation of that coin.The condition of the coin is brilliant and has only been lightly cleaned in warm water,as i was told over cleaning could devalue the coin.I don't know where the coin was struck or the moneyers name [except to say it begins with an E.]as there are saxon runes which make no sense to me.If anyone can tell me please do.Found in North Dorset.

NOTE.I have had many emails from various ebayers, telling me that this coin was struck in East Anglia by a moneyer called EACGA and the pellets on the reverse are probably privy marks.

Type munt penny Omschrift voorzijde Muntconditie zeer fraai
Omschrift keerzijde Datum 3 april 2006
Voorzijde Verkoper dukewest
Keerzijde Bedrag GBP 1.700,00 (EUR 2.438,25)
Vorst Beornwulf 823-82 A.D. Vindplaats North Dorset Veiling ebay
Metaal zilver Schatvondst
Oplage Literatuur referentie Spink 929
Soortelijke massa


Coenwulf (King of Mercia) 1d 796-821AD
Group 3. S916. Moneyer DEALLA. COENVVLF REX. Canterbury Mint. Edge a little ragged, GVF with EF portrait, superb and "as struck". Extremely rare. 

GBP 1.100,00 (EUR 1.624,24) niet verkocht, 14-sep-05, ebay, ohnosecond

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