Zilveren sceat X serie Wodan monster type 710-760

Er bestaat een interpretatie dat het gezicht niet Wodan is, maar het gezicht van Christus waarbij een Byzantijnse munt als voorbeeld diende.

Type munt sceat Omschrift voorzijde Muntconditie prachtig
Provincie Omschrift keerzijde Datum 14 april 2004
Muntplaats Voorzijde Woden Head facing Verkoper elkinscoinsandantiquities
Jaartal 710-760 Keerzijde Long-legged quadruped looking back Bedrag GBP 280.00 reserve not met (GBP 500), euro 770
Vorst Vindplaats Cambridgeshire in the 1950's Veiling ebay
Metaal zilver Schatvondst
Oplage Literatuur referentie Not spink no 836D. The only similar example being in Metcalfs, Thrymsas and Sceattas, Volume 3. It is possibly a series X. coin.
Diameter  12.5 mm
Soortelijke massa
Rare Anglo Saxon silver coin or sceat, one side with a stylized Wodan face with flanking crosses, and a swirling monster on the reverse. Extremely detailed images, MADE IN ENGLAND, 695-740 A.D. Found in peaty soil in Lincolnshire, Series X, S843A, 25 mei 2004 EURO 682
GBP 460,00 (minimumverkoopprijs gehaald)
(EUR 666,78), 14-apr-05, ebay, elkinscoinsandantiquities
ANGLO SAXON 'Wodan' head type found in Sedgeford, Norfolk, UK with V above head, instead of the pellet usually seen www.anglosaxoncoins.com

GBP 310,00 (minimumverkoopprijs nog niet gehaald) (EUR 457,66), 27-jul-05, ebay, artandartefact

"Facing Woden Head" The reverse depicts a monster of some description. Spink ref 843. The coin weighs in at a good 11.57 Grains.

0,69 gram, 10,48mm bij 11,66mm

GBP 68.99 (US $126.96, euro 106) 
Ended: Aug-28-05

De kop is die van Christus, met links en rechts een kruis
Het monster eet zijn staart op

A nice GOOD VERY FINE, or better, Anglo-Saxon Silver Sceatta minted between 695 and 740 A.D. This coin depicts the God, Wodan, with a monster on the reverse. This is a contemporary English example which was copied from the Danish Sceattas of Jutland (S.843A).

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GBP 245,53 (EUR 360,58) , 3-mei-06, ebay, potlid1962

wpe16.jpg (5748 bytes) This is a beautiful example of actually a Danish Sceatta - This is in VF condition and is 100% Genuine. I am aware that there can be copies offered so I have provided photographs of this coin pre and post cleaning. The coin was found 8 years ago and is in my personal collection and from a well documented site.
This is listed under Medcalf as series X - item 2809 (one pellet at end of crest)

GBP 240,00 (EUR 352,46), 29-apr-06, ebay, att39b

wpe91.jpg (11476 bytes) WODEN HEAD Sceat - SPINK No. 843
Series X. ' Facing Woden Head '
Reverse has ' Monster '
I guarantee this to be a genuine Saxon coin minted between 695 AD and 740 AD

This is a metal detector find, found on arable farmland in Northern England, approximately 25 miles east of York

GBP 42,99 (EUR 64,23), 27-okt-06, ebay, peterwessex

wpeB.jpg (18505 bytes) Saxon silver Sceatta, new to the market and dates c AD 600. I cannot find this coin listed in North and believe it to be a rare variety. The obverse shows the head of Woden facing, reverse shows a Cross and Pellet design. The coin is in superb condition. The coin weighs in at 1.15 gr.

GBP 447,00 (EUR 664,01), 03-dec-06, ebay, Farnborough, Verenigd Koninkrijk, sjblencoe

wpe14.jpg (14563 bytes) Anglo-Saxon Silver (Plated) Sceatta, Secondary, c710-760, Series X, Facing Woden head with moustache, Monster right, head reverted. Spink 843v, measures 11.5mm in diameter. with much silver remaining

GBP 37,11 (EUR 47,08), 20-apr-08, ebay, elkinscoinsandantiquities

wpe15.jpg (18076 bytes) Anglo Saxon silver sceat no idea how to grade these things but l`ve been advised it is VF. I think its an X Series Woden Head ar sceat c.695 a.d - 740 a.d. Uncleaned as found.

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wpe5.jpg (20624 bytes) Series X. Facing ‘wodan’ head, rev two standing figures holding long cross and facing each other; each holding a smaller cross. Type 30a

GBP 490,00 (EUR 555,47), 21-dec-08, ebay, need45


wpe17.jpg (8385 bytes)

Koperen sceat. Vondst uit terprand van Hogebeintum, Friesland

ANGLO-SAXON. Continental Sceattas. Ribe, Jutland. Circa 720-760. Ik heb begrepen dat de goede exemplaren uit Ribbe komen, en de minder goede in Friesland zijn nageslagen.
Deze ziet eruit alsof hij uit Ribbe komt - in het huidige Denemarken.  Series X, Barrett Type A/bA. 'Wodan head', crosses and pellet around / Fantastic animal biting its own tribrach tail. Metcalf 279; North 116; SCBC 843.

0,99 gram, 12,55 mm, 12,11 mm


euro 50, aankoop januari 2013, Explorer