Zilveren sceat K serie hoofd naar rechts en wolvenkop met slangenlichaam

Anglo-Saxon Silver Sceatta, Secondary series, circa 710-760, Obv, Bust with cross, Rev, Wolf-serpent within torque, Spink 798.type 32b. Measures 12mm in diameter.

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Relisted as the buyer pointed out that the coin is plated! 
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This coin is a miniature work of art and was found by myself, on the Yorkshire Wolds, along with the other Saxon coins listed. It has been recorded by York Museum and has a Portable Antiquities Scheme Number of YORYM-E9B2C4. The PAS paperwork will be forwarded along with the coin to the winning bidder. North classifies this coin as very rare.

This is a fantastic silver Anglo Saxon Sceatta. It is a North Series K Type. North Vol 1, Number 93. North places this coin in the mid to late part of the secondary phase of Sceattas, 710 – 750 AD and associates it with the Canterbury, Abingdon and Huiccia mints. The coin measures 11.3mm in diameter and 1.6mm in thickness. It weighs approximately 1 gram. The museum has dated it to 720 – 750 AD.

Obverse:- A diademed bust facing right, holding a long cross to the right. The bust appears cruder than the illustration in North, with wilder hair and less well defined features.

Reverse:- A wolf’s head with a prominent eye and tongue coming out and curling back.

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wpe5.jpg (8278 bytes) extremely fine grade series k type 32a secondary sceattas c.710-60, with stunning bust right, unusual drapery, knotted wreath type c-d, holding cross with hand. reverse, wolf (mystical monster) curled head to tail with large tongue extending and curling, absolutely stunning coin made from good silver, weight 1.1 grams, diameter 11mm. metcalf 309 s796.

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