Roman Hoard of Bronze coins Roman Emperor Constantius II (337-361 AD)

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wpe4.jpg (30234 bytes) Ancient Roman Hoard of Bronze coins and pot dating from the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantius II (337-361 AD).

This Astonishingly rare find consists of a Hoard of 65 Bronze coins of the Emperor, contained within its original hiding pot.

Hoards such as this were buried in times of peril for safekeeping, in a society without banks. If something happened to the owner the Hoard was lost. This particular find is a spectacular display piece and is provided with a custom box for show.

The coins are of a very high quality, with most of the legend being visible on virtually all of the coins.

Average diameter of coin: 3/4 inch. Height of pot: 2 3/7 inches.

Found in Asia Minor in the 1950's and Ex. Collection of the Archaeologist, W.G. Bench

US $643,00 (EUR 504,39), 27-jul-06, ebay, bidancient

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