zilveren obol Euboia Histiaia 340-330 BC

wpe1.jpg (23216 bytes) Euboia, Histiaia AR obol 340-330 B.C. Silver obol of Histiaia 340-330 B.C, Obv.: Head of nymph Histiaia right wreathed with vine. Rev.: Nymph Histiaia seated right on prow. Legend in Greek Ref.: Similar to D. Sear Greek coins and their values, Vol. 1, p.233, 2496. US $ 50.00 /1.50 g.

These beautiful little silver coins from ancient Greece depict the head of the lovely nymph Histiaia. These tetrobols, or literally "four obol", coins were struck in the important commercial city of Histiaia, named after the nymph which was the local city goddess. Histiaia was found on the Greek island of Euboia, which lies just off the eastern mainland. The tetrobols weigh an average of about 2.3 grams and probably traded in the market place as half a drachma when worn. The reverse depicts the same nymph as a full figure seated near the stern of an Greek galley.

1,45 gram, 13,02 mm, 11,56 mm, 2,28 mm dik

US $36,55 (EUR 27,66), 26-nov-06, ebay, ancientauctionhouse.com