zilveren drachm Apollonia Pontica THASOS 450 - 400 BC

wpe5.jpg (27387 bytes) Apollonia Pontica AR drachm NOT LISTED Apollonia Pontica located on the west coast of Black Sea. Apollonia Pontica is colony of Greek city Miletos Silver drachm, 430 - 300 B.C. NOT LISTED Not listened in D. Sear type*. Obv: Anchor; A to left, crayfish to right. Rev.: Gorgoneion head facing. * David Sear in Greek coins and their values, Vol. 1, p. 165, 1655 describe only obverse type with A to right and crayfish to left. /3.21 g.

ik zie geen A aan de linkerkant, snguk 0901 0151

3,27 gram 12,79 mm, 15,69 mm, 2,84 mm dik

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